Combining SEO and Google Ads Make Winning Online Easy

CASE STUDY: Telecommunications

This customer had a goal to move away from traditional advertising and focus on digital. By combining a solid SEO strategy with a continuously growing Google Ads campaign, we were able to dominate organic rankings and have a steady stream of low cost paid & organic leads.


YoY Organic Traffic


Google Ads Leads


Cost Per Lead


Adding Value Through Local SEO

Competition is tough in the telecommunications world. The big players dominate organic rankings for the high volume keywords. After some digging, we uncovered that although they are strong for terms like “satellite tv” and “cable internet” they are weak for local keywords like “satellite tv london” or “cable internet windsor”. We took advantage of this and created locally relevant pages and content for customers in their target cities. The results? Massive increases in locally relevant traffic and leads to our new pages. In addition this client is now competitive for the high volume keywords as well.

New Site Design With Clear Calls To Action

SEO is all about driving quality traffic to a business’ website. That website needs to quickly provide the information the customer is looking for and clearly articulate the business’ message. By partnering with a top creative agency, we were able to design and develop a beautiful new website and launch a new overall brand for the company. The site was dynamic and bold on desktop, fast and sleek on mobile. This allowed the influx in traffic we were driving from our SEO and Google Ads campaigns to quickly and easily convert from website traffic, to leads and to customers.



Testing Ad Copy With Responsive Search Ads

One of the reasons we were able to drive significant Google Ads traffic with a modest budget was ad copy testing. Potential customers only have a few lines of text to go on when choosing between your business and your competition. This is why ad copy and messaging is so critical in ensuring that you get that click. By using Google’s “Responsive Ad” unit we were able to test hundreds of combinations of headlines and descriptions with low effort. This resulted in a 40% reduction in our cost per lead and 10/10 quality scores for over a third of our targeted keywords.


Posted by Darcy Burk

Darcy Burk launched Burk Digital Factory after 15+ years in the digital marketing space. His extensive knowledge of search engine optimization enables him to help local and online businesses achieve their goals.