Google Ads
Adwords & PPC Advertising

Google Ads is all about crafting compelling ad copy and bidding on the right keywords to generate quality clicks. Those clicks will then lead to conversions, leads and sales.

google ads adwords PPC advertising


Compelling ad copy


For the right keywords


Leads, conversions and sales



How does it work?


Select your keywords and bids


Create ads that show on Google Search


Measure, optimize, improve


You are charged for every click of your ad

How much does it cost?

There are two separate costs to consider when executing on a Google Ads strategy. Your ad spend and your management fee. Your ad spend is the amount that you will spend with Google to pay for the clicks to your ads. As an example, if the average “cost per click” for your keywords is $3, an ad spend of $1500 will generate 500 clicks to your website. That $1500 ad spend goes directly to Google via credit card. Burk Digital Factory will charge a 30% management fee on top of your ad spend and will invoice separately for that amount. Using our $1500 budget example, you will receive an invoice for $450. Note that the management fee is capped and will not exceed $5000/month.

Budget Estimator

Total monthly budget: $1950

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