Help Google Fall In Love With Your site By Creating Amazing Content & Organizing It Properly

CASE STUDY: Merchant Services

The merchant services industry is extremely competitive. You have small business competing with large banks with massive amounts of budget. Luckily for us, small business can be more agile, adopt new digital marketing strategies and win out over the long run.


YoY Organic Traffic


Net New #1 Competitive Keyword Rankings


YoY Cost Per Google & Facebook Lead


Have a Solid Site Architecture

When we started working with this customer it was obvious that their site architecture was very flat. They offered many services and products, but they were only advertised across a handful of pages. Our first strategy was to create a better content hierarchy and create pages for each individual service and product. We would ensure those pages contained high quality content, were easy to convert and had strong interlinking between them as many were related.

The result was massive upticks in organic traffic and keyword rankings including a #1 ranking for “wireless debit terminals”. An extremely competitive keyword where our customer currently outranks big brands like Moneris, Interac and TD.

Create Content That Potential Customers Actually Want To Read

There is a lot of content on the internet that is just, ok. There is nothing wrong with it, it’s just, ok. Creating something amazing, something that is hands down better than anything else out there, something that will answer the questions of your customer better than your competition is how you get traffic and leads from blogging.

For this customer we set out to understand what the who, what, where, why questions were that their customers were asking and set out to answer those questions better than their competition. This resulted in massive amounts of traffic coming through the blog and boosting the authority of the site and the pages those articles would link to.



Invest The Time & Effort In Great Creative

There is nothing worse than seeing a stock image in a Facebook Ad or something which was thrown together in Microsoft Paint. By investing the time and working with our partners at OutfitEleven, we were able to create and test multiple pieces of creative. Ultimately we settled on one which captivated our audience and drove our value proposition home. Combining great creative with a strong value proposition is the key to successfully interrupt your potential customer and get them to focus on your brand.


Posted by Darcy Burk

Darcy Burk launched Burk Digital Factory after 15+ years in the digital marketing space. His extensive knowledge of search engine optimization enables him to help local and online businesses achieve their goals.