Remarket To Customers That Are On The Fence With A Unique Deal


This campaign was a 1 month, high budget, blitz type campaign to maximize exposure around their “baby show” event. I have run many Google Ads and Facebook campaign before but typically I run these campaigns for many months and use that time to tweak, optimize and improve. Time was not on my side for this customer. The expectation was to launch this campaign, flood the market with their message and sell as many event tickets as possible. Challenge accepted.


Return on Ad Spend


Tickets Sold


Revenue Generated


Launching, Monitoring, Improving

We launched the campaign at the beginning of April in 2019 with ads on Google targeting potential customers searching for baby shows. We simultaneously launched a Facebook ad campaign targeting newlyweds and parents with new born’s. I monitored this campaign like a hawk. Adding bid adjustments for location, demographic, you name it, almost every other day. I toggled between many different creative assets and used both images and video on Facebook. After 2 weeks, things were not looking good. We were spending like crazy and not seeing the return. Big changes needed to be made.


On the third week of the campaign we took 2 actions which dramatically effected the results of the campaign. We reduced the price of the tickets and advertised that reduction to a remarketing list we had been building since the start of the campaign. This optimization kicked the campaign into high gear. We sold 80% of the tickets in the last week of the campaign and generated a 8 to 1 return on ad spend on Google and 25 to 1 return on ad spend on Facebook for a total ROAS of 13.49. Needless to say both the client and myself were ecstatic. The campaign was a success



Next Steps

Although this campaign has ended and no future work is planned at the moment, I will take the learning and success from this campaign and apply it to my current and future clients. Do not under estimate the power of remarketing. When you properly, with the right message, it can make or break a campaign.


Posted by Darcy Burk

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